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    Meeting community health needs is one way we put our mission into action.


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    Several years ago, when Floyd introduced the phrase “Well Beyond Expectations,” no one could have known just how meaningful those words would become to the patients and families who receive care here. Jane is one of those family members.

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    Kurt Stuenkel, Floyd President and CEO, tackles current issues facing Floyd and...

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    Secretary, ex-officio voting member, Floyd Healthcare Management Inc., Secretary, ex-officio non-voting officer, Floyd Healthcare Resources Inc., Secretary, ex-officio non-voting officer, Hospital Authority of Floyd County; Member, Polk Medical Center Inc.

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    Inspiration comes in all forms, but there is something special about the stories of people who overcome adversity to achieve a goal. Wayne Dixon’s goal was both simple and profound. He wanted to help people. He wanted to feel needed.

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Floyd Opposes Redmond Application to Add Obstetrical Services

Posted by Kurt Stuenkel, President and CEO
December 9, 2017
Kurt Stuenkel, Floyd President and CEOSince our beginning in 1942, Floyd Medical Center has provided high quality maternity services to this area. Floyd has kept up with the times with numerous renovations, and in November 2017 we opened a brand new level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in our facility. Our decades of expertise and resources uniquely position us to take care of complex patient needs-even those that occur unexpectedly.

Redmond Regional Medical Center is proposing to establish a new maternity service. There simply is no need for another program in our community.

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$74.97 Million Provided in Community Benefits

$74.97 Million Provided in Community Benefits

The 2017 Community Benefit Report highlights the services provided by Floyd that flow back to the communities we serve and includes a summary of indigent and charity care, medical education and medical support at community events. For instance, did you know that in 2017, Floyd and Polk together provided over $32.9 million in indigent and charity care?