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  • Behind the Green: 2017 Floyd Annual Report

    The report to the community highlights the people, events and accomplishments of...

    Behind The Green: 2017 Floyd Annual Report

  • A Promise to Keep

    Thanks to the diligent work of Dr. Paul Brock, Dr. Stephen Hom, Dr. Daniel Phillips and Dr. Dee Russell, breast health patients no longer have to endure an agonizing wait of days or even weeks before learning whether their tumor is cancerous.

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  • Pay it Forward

    When you have a family member battling a potentially fatal disease like breast cancer, you feel helpless. You want to do something to fix the problem, remove the anxiety or take away the pain.

    Stories of Care

  • 2016 Floyd Annual Report

    The report to the community highlights the events and accomplishments of the pas...

    2016 Floyd Annual Report

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    Certificate of Need (CON) is the official determination that a new or expanded health care service or facility is needed.

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    Learn more about the community leaders who serve on the boards and authorities that govern Floyd Medical Center and its affiliates.


In Troubled Times, We Love

Posted by Kurt Stuenkel, President and CEO
November 15, 2018
Kurt Stuenkel, Floyd President and CEOSometimes you have to wonder, can the news get any worse?  On the one hand, it is natural disasters bringing death and destruction, like the hurricanes that recently hit South Carolina and Florida, or the wildfires that are attacking California. People have lost their homes, some, their lives, and entire communities are devastated. Closer to home for us, the two hospitals in Panama City were severely damaged by the hurricane and are struggling to resume their work.

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$87.92 Million Provided in Community Benefits

$87.92 Million Provided in Community Benefits

The 2018 Community Benefit Report highlights the services provided by Floyd that flow back to the communities we serve and includes a summary of indigent and charity care, medical education and medical support at community events. For instance, did you know that in 2018, Floyd and Polk together provided over $33.23 million in indigent and charity care?