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  • Downpour

    The fierce storms that pounded the area seemed to have focused their efforts on Polk Medical Center. The National Weather Service indicated a little over an inch of rain fell in Cedartown, but weather spotters measured three and a quarter inches of precipitation at the hospital in a 40-minute period.

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  • The Power of Prayer

    Time stopped for the Clark family in April of 2017. Daughter Caroline was closing out her junior year of high school, her eyes set on the podium in the state discus competition, but her goals quickly changed when she had first one seizure, then a second.

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    Floyd is the area’s largest employer, home to a regional referral center and m...

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  • Behind the Green: 2017 Floyd Annual Report

    The report to the community highlights the people, events and accomplishments of...

    Behind The Green: 2017 Floyd Annual Report

  • Certificate of Need

    Certificate of Need (CON) is the official determination that a new or expanded health care service or facility is needed.

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  • Marlon's Golden Rule

    Ellie, health declining and unable to get out of her bed, was discharged home where a rented hospital bed and her devoted husband, Jim, were waiting. She had been a patient at Floyd Medical Center.

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There Are Saints Among Us

Posted by Kurt Stuenkel, President and CEO
March 18, 2019
Kurt Stuenkel, Floyd President and CEOFloyd has lost some dear friends who have passed away in the past few months. Tim Mahanay, Richard Jewel, Tooken Richardson Cade, Charles Parker, and Gardner Wright all have recently passed. Tim Mahanay was a Floyd board member for many years. Richard Jewell served for many years on the Polk board. Tooken Richardson Cade was a long-time volunteer and one of the first presidents of the Floyd Auxiliary, the predecessor to our current Volunteer Services program. Charles Parker years ago was a member of the Hospital Authority of Floyd County. Gardner Wright was a long-time board member and past chairman of the Floyd Healthcare Foundation. They are fondly remembered and sincerely missed.

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$87.92 Million Provided in Community Benefits

$87.92 Million Provided in Community Benefits

The 2018 Community Benefit Report highlights the services provided by Floyd that flow back to the communities we serve and includes a summary of indigent and charity care, medical education and medical support at community events. For instance, did you know that in 2018, Floyd and Polk together provided over $33.23 million in indigent and charity care?