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Government Relations

Government decisions are closely linked to the viability of Georgia hospitals, including Floyd Medical Center and Polk Medical Center, and health care providers. Increasingly there is a need to educate lawmakers at every level of government about how their decisions affect the health care industry:

  • County commissions help determine ambulance zones, bond support and hospital authority membership.State legislators those governor-appointed decision makers determine Certificate of Need law and exemptions, Medicaid rules, what benefits state employees are covered by, trauma funding and other state-level funding. Federal lawmakers set national policy, determine Medicare funding, tax support and IRS rules.
  • Government relations is important due to health care policy, but also because the health care industry is vital to the economies of northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama, employing over 26,000 health care practitioners and health care support workers.
  • The Floyd Government Relations team provides education and communication about legislation affecting health care to Floyd emloyees, volunteers and physicians to raise awareness about important issues that could impact Floyd Medical Center, Polk Medical Center and other Floyd providers.

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