Floyd Medical Center Straightforward


Our Mission

…is to provide the communities we serve with a comprehensive and technologically advanced health care system committed to the delivery of care that is characterized by continually improving quality, accessibility, affordability and personal dignity.

Our Vision

…is to be the regional health care provider of choice.
…is to deliver patient and family-centered care that is compassionate, sensitive and respectful of each individual’s needs.

Our Values

Our Patients

…are our highest priority.
…are provided high-quality, state-of-the-art health care.
…are given respect and dignity and treated equally.
…are provided education and information for themselves and their families.

Our Employees

…are our most valuable asset.
…are offered an environment that attracts and retains highly-qualified personnel.
…are encouraged and supported to reach their maximum potential through education and are recognized for a job well done.
…are provided an environment of open communication, participation in planning, and respect for each employee’s contribution to our mission.

Our Medical Staff Members

…are our valued customers as well as partners in health care.
…are provided an environment that attracts and retains high-caliber physicians.
…are involved in the direction of the hospital community.