Floyd Medical Center Straightforward

Strategy in Action

Strategy in Action illustrates and explains some of Floyd’s strategic initiatives. Navigate through the slides below using the arrows to move to the right or left.  You may also allow the slides to change automatically or select a specific slide from the gallery. Use the buttons beneath the gallery to pause and re-start the slide show, or pause the slide show by hovering the cursor over the main slide. 

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Putting strategy into action means we regularly review community needs and develop effective plans in response. This has resulted most visibly in new facilities at our main campus, in our primary care network and Urgent Cares in every county that we serve. Programs include The Breast Center with a Know in 24 promise, nationally recognized operational improvement programs, a Lean and Six Sigma initiative, and a unique 120-day workout model. In addition, our relationship with Polk County has resulted in construction of a new hospital.

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Aligning Expertise

The Affordable Care Act and other factors are changing the way health care systems operate, establishing a new model of care that rewards wellness and prevention, quality and efficiency. Floyd, along with three other Georgia hospitals, has anticipated these changes and taken steps to prepare for it. The Tanner, West Georgia, Floyd and Hamilton Collaboration LLC is designed to improve quality, clinical protocols, and patient safety, all with the goal of improving processes and minimizing the rising costs of health care delivery while valuing the independence of each system within the communities being served.

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Strong Brand

Floyd's very deliberate brand strategy unites services and providers spanning six counties and simplifies the organization's message. It shapes perception, helps drives consumer decision-making, ensures economy and efficiency in promoting services to the community. From the signature mark to the signature color, the brand is a promise of a health care experience that is uniquely Floyd.

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Operational Rounding

The challenge: Continuous improvement while ensuring that patient care is the first priority. The strategy: Executive leaders meet weekly with front-line staff to identify opportunities for improvement and to develop and implement solutions. We call it Operational Rounding. The result is a rhythm of accountability that produces higher quality, greater safety and better efficiency.

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Know in 24

The Breast Center at Floyd represents a shared vision with local physicians for the creation of a single point-of-care, state-of-the-art, patient-centric facility focused on ease of patient access. The result is a program that empowers women with knowledge through teaching, decreases anxiety with a Know in 24TM promise, provides financial support through a mammography scholarship program, and provides highly personalized care as unique as each individual patient’s needs.

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Lean Six Sigma

Every 120 days Floyd leaders select key areas for intense focus. Then, using Lean waste concepts and Six Sigma methodologies, teams organize, measure, analyze, test changes and measure again to implement sustainable practices to gain efficiencies and effectiveness. Over the past seven years, these efforts have saved the organization more than $20 million and improved everything from lab test turn-around times to the patient registration process.

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Service Commitment

Coordinating 2,700 employees in delivering an outstanding patient experience requires choreographing their movement. We begin with core values, high expectations and accountability. We follow with on-going training and reinforcement. DANCER represents Dignity, Attitude, Nurture, Communication, Environment and Responsiveness, a combination of standards and behaviors that drives satisfaction and improves the patient and employee experience.

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Polk County is an important part of the Floyd service area, second only to Floyd County as a source of patients and employees. The new $40 million hospital and adjacent $5 million medical office building in Polk County, which opened in November, 2014, enhances our capability to offer convenient access to medical care services for the residents of Polk County. Six of the nine members of the governing body for Polk Medical Center are Polk County residents, and all financial gains of the hospital will remain in Polk County for the benefit of its residents.

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Excellence in Nursing Advancement

Unique to Floyd, the Professional Excellence Pathway encourages nursing research with practical application and sets Floyd apart as an employer who values and invests in nurses, attracting and retaining the best in the field. The Professional Excellence Pathway provides a meaningful avenue for professional advancement, traditionally found in supervisory or administrative roles, and keeps the nurse involved in direct patient care.