Floyd Medical Center Straightforward

Value Compass

Floyd’s Balanced Scorecard

Floyd uses a balanced scorecard that emphasizes our values. We call this our Value Compass. Figuratively, it points us toward excellence in all that we do as we strive for performance in the 90th percentile.



Floyd continuously focuses on customer satisfaction. Customers include patients, patient families, physicians, visitors and vendors. The primary goal is for every customer, without exception, to receive care that exceeds expectations at every encounter. Every Floyd employee is empowered with the responsibility for the customer’s entire experience at Floyd and has the resources available to appropriately address barriers to a perfect patient experience.

Financial and operational efficiency

As good stewards of limited resources, Floyd is committed to efficiency and economy. Employees are encouraged to reduce variability in every process, confirm value for each step and, when appropriate, standardize processes and procedures for zero defects. As an organization, we seek to provide real-time information to support immediate action, and we work to define and allocate resources to ensure optimal performance, while keeping customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal.


Floyd must make appropriate decisions in the ever-changing health care environment. Floyd regularly reviews its strategic plan and adopts annual goals for organization-wide expansion and improvement.

Quality and Safety

Safety is paramount. Every Floyd employee has a role in patient safety and is encouraged to take immediate and appropriate action to correct unsafe conditions. Real-time improvement is supported through processes and technologies that minimize risk, and individuals have clearly defined roles and expectations that are related to quality and safety.

People and culture

As an organization, Floyd believes that patient satisfaction is directly related to employee satisfaction. Every employee is encouraged, expected and accountable for the demonstration of the behaviors that directly impact the customer and work experience as they relate to our six Service Standards: Dignity, Attitude, Nurture, Communication, Environment and Responsiveness. Every employee is expected to know, understand and carryout his or her role, doing the right thing the right way by exercising proactive, critical thinking and applying individual skills, education and ability.