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Kurt Stuenkel, President and CEO of Floyd Medical CenterKurt Stuenkel, Floyd President and CEO, tackles current issues facing Floyd and the health careindustry and addresses controversial and difficult-to-understand subjects that are often discussed in the community. The Straight to the Point blog also may feature guest contributors on occasion.

  • What a Waste!

    December 23, 2016

    Lean and Six Sigma have been around in health care now for several years. Floyd is celebrating 10 years of utilizing these quality and improvement methodologies as 2016 draws to a close. In addition, Floyd has adapted the GE (General Read More

  • CMS Hospital Ratings Don’t Tell the Whole Story

    August 15, 2016

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released its first hospital star ratings recently. It’s the federal government’s attempt with the mountains of hospital data they collect to create a single rating that helps health care consumers. Floyd earned three stars–certainly respectable, but we would never advise someone to focus on a single rating when making an important health care decision. Read More

  • Fact: The Sky is Not Falling

    May 12, 2016

    Name calling, false assertions, and crude remarks…turn on the television or look at other media and presidential candidates are wallowing in it. We could debate whether this is already well established in our culture and that this ugly turn in Read More

  • Bonds: What Does Polk Have to Do With Our Debt? Part 4 in a Series

    March 21, 2016

    Although it has not come up very much in the press or social media in these recent bond discussions, I feel it important to talk about Polk Medical Center. Refinancing the debt we took on to build the new Polk Medical Center facility is going to occur soon. Read More

  • Bonds: Low Risk, Win-Win – Part 3 in a Series

    March 18, 2016

    When we asked the Floyd County Government to back Floyd Medical Center’s bonds, it was not without forethought or reason. Backing our next bond issue is good for our community, because it is very low risk, and it makes financial sense. Read More

  • Bonds: Things Are Going Well at Floyd – Part 2 in a Series

    March 15, 2016

    Early this month, analysts from Fitch, Moody’s, and Standard and Poor’s came to Floyd Medical Center to see for themselves how Floyd is doing so they could then tell potential investors about our bonds. They met with senior management to evaluate our financial structure, financial performance and projections, our position in the market, our quality achievement and our strategies. The analysts were impressed… Read More

  • Bonds: Clearly, the Experts See Us Differently – Part 1 in a Series

    March 8, 2016

    There is a lot of conversation in our community about Floyd Medical Center, our debt and our bonds. Much of it is not accurate. Frankly, we at Floyd are a little surprised by all of this. We have issued bonds in the past and refinanced them as well. Read More

  • A Marriage of Joy, Tradition and Love

    January 28, 2016

    I have written about mindfulness and being in the moment, and just this past weekend in January I got to be in the moment in a big way. Read More

  • Floyd and the Global Supply Chain

    November 30, 2015

    I got to view the activity at the port of Savannah, one of America’s biggest ports, as ship after ship journeyed in and out. I saw world trade up front and close. Read More

  • Happy New Year, Again!

    July 16, 2015

    July is the start of our fiscal year. Last year at this same time I wrote a Happy New Year blog. 2015 was a great year for Floyd, so it is appropriate again. Happy New Year! 2014 was very strong, and now another year has passed; and 2015 is even better. Read More