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Indigent Care

As not-for-profit community hospitals, Floyd Medical Center and Polk Medical Center are committed to providing comprehensive health care services to all individuals, regardless of ability to pay. In fiscal year 2017, Floyd and Polk together provided $32.9 million in unreimbursed indigent and charity care to individuals who could not afford to pay for their health care.

In Georgia, indigent care is the care provided to individuals who live in a family whose combined income falls below 125 percent of the federal poverty level for a family of a specific size. Currently, a family of four with a total annual family income of less than $30,375 is eligible for indigent care. Patients who qualify as indigent receive their hospital services at no cost to them.

Charity care is the medical care provided to low-income patients at a discounted rate. Floyd Medical Center discounts hospital charges on a sliding scale for patients whose combined family income falls between 125 percent and 325 percent of the federal poverty level for uninsured families of a specific size. The limit for insured families is 235 percent of the federal poverty level. For example, an individual living in an insured family of four with a total annual family income of $36,450 is eligible for a discount of 80 percent.

Patients who come to Floyd Medical Center, Polk Medical Center or our behavioral health facility with no health insurance coverage or a low annual income meet with a financial counselor to determine if they are eligible for government assistance or for indigent or charity care. In fiscal year 2017, Floyd financial counselors assisted 543 low-income residents in seeking eligibility for Medicaid, PeachCare and other programs. Approximately 3.9 percent percent of all Floyd patients received financial assistance through the organization’s indigent and charity care programs.

Note: The indigent care and charity care financial information is taken from the 2017 Floyd Community Benefit Report for the year ending June 30, 2017.

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