Floyd Medical Center Straightforward


Several years ago, when Floyd introduced the phrase “Well Beyond Expectations,” no one could have known just how meaningful those words would become to the patients and families who receive care here. Jane is one of those family members.

Jane’s husband, Ted, was a patient at Floyd in 2014. Critically ill, he was admitted just three weeks before his daughter and a young man he had been mentoring were to be confirmed in their church. Allen Stephens was one of the nurses caring for Ted, and he quickly became a trusted resource for Jane.

Allen seemed to have a sixth sense. He knew that Ted’s condition was serious and how important the upcoming confirmation service was to him and his family. Ted wanted to attend the service, which was scheduled for Palm Sunday, but getting him there meant navigating some substantial obstacles. He would need physician approval. He would need to be taken by ambulance. He would need to be accompanied by a registered nurse, and medical assistance would need to be on standby.

Allen handled every one of those details, and on Palm Sunday, Ted was in church to personally witness and participate in the confirmation of his daughter and the young man he mentored. A Floyd ambulance brought him to the service, and Allen accompanied Ted to church, both dressed in their Sunday best. Ted participated in the confirmation service, with Allen by his side. That Sunday morning, Allen was very much a member of the family. It was an exquisitely beautiful moment during a terribly painful time.

That Confirmation service was the last major event Ted attended with his family. He passed away at the end of June that year. If Allen had not made it possible for him to attend, Ted would have missed this important religious milestone and his daughter would not have the cherished memory of sharing that one last special moment with her father.