Floyd Medical Center Straightforward

Marlon’s Golden Rule

Ellie, health declining and unable to get out of her bed, was discharged home where a rented hospital bed and her devoted husband, Jim, were waiting. She had been a patient at Floyd Medical Center. Ellie’s daughter, who lives an hour away, wanted her mom and dad to move to an assisted living center, but they refused. They were just not ready to give up their home. Jim, who depends on a motorized chair to get around, said he could take care of himself and his life’s companion, and that is what he intended to do. But all it took is one seemingly simple problem to arise to put those plans askew.

Not long after the couple had settled in, the electric cable that connects Ellie’s hospital bed to a hand-held control had found its way under Jim’s wheelchair. The cord snagged on the chair, and an unaware Jim completely disconnected it from the bed, leaving Ellie stuck in an uncomfortable and unhealthy position.

The pair tried and tried to adjust the bed, but nothing would work. They called the company they had rented it from, but no one staffs the office on weekends, and this was on a Saturday. Jim and Ellie called their daughter, and she did the only thing she could think to do. She called Floyd Medical Center, explained the problem, and was connected to the hospital’s Plant Facilities department. If they couldn’t help, she’d have to call an ambulance for Ellie.

Marlon Brumbelow is the go-to man for bed repairs at the hospital, but he wasn’t at work. The Plant Facilities employee working that Saturday called Marlon to see if he could think of a solution. Although Marlon is off on Saturdays, he offered to take a look.

Marlon drove about an hour to reach the couple, and he knew his help was needed as soon as he walked in the door to what he called a sad situation. Ellie’s back and head were flat on the bed. Her feet and knees were raised. She could not remain in the position. If she did, he was positive Ellie would have to return to the hospital, a costly solution for the couple and for Floyd.

Marlon grabbed a few tools and crawled under the bed to inspect the situation. There, he found the control and the disconnected cord. Marlon made the necessary repairs, provided instructions to the couple on how to use the hand-held control and tucked the cord away and off the floor. He then reported to Jim and Ellie’s daughter that the problem was fixed and her parents would be OK. She told him he must be an angel.

Marlon chuckled at that idea. Helping Jim and Ellie was more of a blessing for him than it was for them, he said. He just did what he’d want someone to do for his mama.