Floyd Medical Center Straightforward

Mrs. Claus and the Playhouse

Brittney Payne’s life was over-full that December.

She was going to college to earn her advance practice Nurse Practitioner degree while commuting 55 minutes to and from her full time job and caring for a five-year-old daughter. In addition, she had all the responsibilities that come with the holiday season.

But none of that mattered when Brittney met a little girl we’ll call Sophie at one of Floyd’s Wound Care clinics. Sophie accompanied her grandmother to the Wound Clinic and immediately got Brittney’s attention.

Four-year-old Sophie had lost her hair due to treatment for the cancer that was attacking her body. Brittney decided she would make small talk with her, and asked Sophie what she had asked Santa to bring her for Christmas.

Sophie told her the only thing she wanted was a playhouse for her and her brother. She told Brittney that was the only thing she had asked Santa Claus to bring her.

Sophie’s grandmother got Brittney’s attention and whispered to her that there would be no playhouse that Christmas. Her parents had tried to order one, but they couldn’t find a builder who could get one to Sophie in time for Christmas. Brittney decided otherwise.

Employing her husband and her six, yes six, adopted siblings, Brittney determined to help make a little girl’s Christmas wish come true. The family members decided not to buy Christmas presents for each other, and instead spend the week together, making Sophie’s dream come true.

A local lumber company donated the lumber, and Brittney’s husband, who owns a metal roofing business, supplied the roof. Brittney and her family supplied the labor for a life-size playhouse for Sophie. They equipped it with a working door and window, and even added a front porch. When it was completed, a family friend offered up his rollback wrecker to load and deliver the playhouse, which arrived a few days before Christmas.

I never heard whether Santa got the credit for that very special Christmas gift, but, ultimately, it doesn’t matter.

What we know is that sometimes, when a special Christmas wish is made, it’s not always Santa who comes through. When it’s a little girl named Sophie who is having a particularly difficult year, it’s Mrs. Claus and her reserve team of elves who make it happen.