Floyd Medical Center Straightforward

Wanda’s Angel

You never know where you are going to be divinely positioned to help a person in need.

Lauren Adams, director of Floyd Healthcare Foundation, recently found that opportunity while attending a Rotary Club meeting.

A lady we’ll call Wanda saw Lauren’s Floyd name badge and asked her a question about financial assistance. Wanda had applied for Floyd’s program, but had lost her information. She asked Lauren if she could help. Lauren told her she could, and, as the two talked further, learned that Wanda’s health concerns included a lump in her breast.

Wanda had not had a mammogram, admitting that, in addition to not having money to pay for the exam, she was scared. Lauren told Wanda not to worry about the cost, that Floyd Healthcare Foundation’s mammography scholarship program would cover it, if she would go for an appointment.

Wanda agreed, and Lauren, not allowing chance to intervene, took it upon herself to schedule Wanda for an appointment at The Breast Center at Floyd, and asked her about her exam at the next Rotary meeting. Wanda reluctantly admitted that she didn’t go because she did not have transportation. Lauren emphasized to her that, because of the lump in her breast, it was important that Wanda have that mammogram. She heeded Lauren’s warning.

On the day of her new appointment, Wanda called Lauren and told her she did not have a way to get to The Breast Center. Again, Lauren took control, telling Wanda she would make sure she had transportation. Now, Lauren could easily have called a taxi, contacted Security or Non-Emergency Transport, but she didn’t do that. Lauren personally picked Wanda up at her home and drove her to the appointment. She also could have dropped Wanda off at the front of the building and continued on to her work, but she didn’t do that either. Knowing that Wanda was afraid and that she might decide not to follow through with her mammogram, Lauren parked her car, escorted Wanda to her appointment and waited with her until her mammogram was complete.

The mammogram brought good news. Wanda does not have breast cancer, although the providers at The Breast Center do want to keep a watch on her health. Wanda said that news lifted a world of weight off her shoulders. It turns out that Wanda’s fear was not so much about the diagnosis, but what it could mean for her family. She works two jobs, takes care of her children and helps care for her grandchildren. Her health is essential. If she could not work or had a financial crisis, there is no safety net for her family.

At the next Rotary meeting, Wanda told Lauren that after her appointment, she got the first good night’s sleep she had had in many years. Wanda told a co-worker that Lauren was her new “BFF,” because she cared enough to take the time to make sure she received the medical attention she needed. When she spoke directly to Lauren, Wanda chose different words. She called Lauren her angel.